About Us
dillon county theatre

Board Members

Johnnie Luehrs, Theatre Manager

Pat Laird, Secretary

Robin Thompson, Treasurer

Linda Langley, President

Cliff McBride, Board Member

David Longacre, Board Member

Eleanor Powers, Board Member

Judge James Lockemy, Board Member

Owen Wallace, Board Member

Ron Rowell, Board Member

Jan Austin, Board Member

Frances Tyler, Board Member

Our Story

Over the Years


“Everybody’s Theater” was in operation


Hyman Anderson extensively remodeled the theater in a Spanish Colonial Style

October 1935

Grand Opening of the Dillon Theatre


Kenneth Kornharen came to Dillon to manager the theatre


Kenneth Kornharen’s widow, Anne Kornharen  sold the theatre. It remained operational for an additional year until the doors closed.

Early 1980's

Judge James Lockemy and Glenn Green, Jr. purchased the property


Working with Dillon Area Arts Council and other area organizations, the Dillon County Theatre Inc. was born.


After 5 years of planning and working, the restoration was completed, leaving the Dillon County Theatre as we know it today.

“Not only has the dream of a cultural center for Dillon County been fulfilled for James Lockemy, but for many others who had also dreamed of such a place but had not the means to make it a reality until the generous gift from Lockemy and Greene was received.”